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Ginger Soul

Charity and Cultural Event Organization

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Association ”Ginger Soul”
Registration Nr. 40008204962

Address: Valentīna Pikuļa aleja 14-4, LV-1016
IBAN: LV88HABA0551046279946


For Live Streaming Events, Ginger Soul collaborates with various companies. First of all, PA74 Music Publishing Company is based in Italy. A year ago, Alessandro Porcella (owner of PA74 Music) created a big live streaming project for the Italian audience #concertidaldivano. 

The main idea behind this project is to support the artists with a free donation when they perform online.

The #concertidaldivano audience is gradually growing, and we have invited international artists to participate in the project.

For now, under the brand #concertidaldivano there are many different shows. Some shows are in the Italian language, some in English for an international audience.

*#concertidaldivano-Live Streaming Concert for Italian Artists.
Artists can perform for approximately an hour live. In the middle of the concert, we have a 10 minute interview with the artist and with a special guest from the music business.

*#concertidaldivano International-Live Streaming Concert for International Artists. The same concept, but in the English language.

*Music Talk Show-Italian Talk Show around 2,5 hours. Different famous people in Italy from the music business and media share their experiences and point of view about the music situation in the world.

*Disco Forum-Italian Talk Show, around 2,5 hours. Different Italian music producers, DJ's, and artists from the EDM music style share their experience and their point of view about the electronic music situation in the world.

*The 11th Step (IT) and The 11th Step (ENG) - 45-60 minutes Show. Artists tell stories from their life, and show their favorite 10 tracks by famous artists that influenced their lives the most. Track 11, will be their song or a song that the artist wants to promote. 

*30 Seconds - 45-60 minutes Show in Interview, game format. Artist has only 30 seconds to answer the question. There will be 10 different questions-some about music, some will be personal questions, and some will even be awkward questions. After that, the artist will have a final appeal to the public, where he will have to convince everyone to follow them.

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Our last Live Streaming Show is "Release of the Day".

It's a pre-recorded interview where we ask the artist 10-12 simple questions about his life, his hobbies, and so on. After that, the artist will talk to our audience about his music project and his new release, and, of course, at the end of the show, we will play his track. All the interviews take 15-20 minutes, together with the last song.


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