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​Charity and Cultural Event Organization

Ginger Soul

Charity and Cultural Event Organization

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Association ”Ginger Soul”
Registration Nr. 40008204962

Address: Valentīna Pikuļa aleja 14-4, LV-1016
IBAN: LV88HABA0551046279946


For the past five years, we have been organizing festivals in the main squares of several cities in order to familiarize local residents with the musical culture of Italy and other countries. 

We cooperate with the Italian Music Publishing Company-PA74 Music. Together, we organize concerts and festivals in various European countries. In one concert, we bring together artists from more than five different countries (Italy, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland, and others).



Our goal is to bring together artists from different countries on the same stage in order to exchange experiences and get to know different musical cultures. These festivals last 2-3 hours and consist of several parts. Together with professional musicians, we give the opportunity to perform for beginners and young artists, so that they have the opportunity to experience performing in front of a large audience. Festivals always have hosts who introduce the artists and maintain a positive atmosphere between the audience and the artists. At the festival, you can listen to both original songs composed by our artists and popular international hits performed by them




More often, we organize concerts to raise funds for charity. Performers can be collectives, bands, singer-songwriters, solo artists, or duets. Most often, we choose artists from one specific country or several countries. We try to make the entrance to the concerts accessible to everyone. Usually, concerts are held in clubs or various concert venues. It all depends on the idea and format of the event.

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We frequently collaborate with various non-profit and charitable organizations (against violence, against cancer, support for homeless people, support for abandoned children, animals, environmental support, and others) for festival or concert organization.

At the moment, we have held several big events in Latvia, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Norway.


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