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​Charity and Cultural Event Organization

Ginger Soul

Charity and Cultural Event Organization

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Association ”Ginger Soul”
Registration Nr. 40008204962

Address: Valentīna Pikuļa aleja 14-4, LV-1016
IBAN: LV88HABA0551046279946


Our organization was created with the aim of helping people and improving the level of culture in society.

Our very first charity event was organized as a special event for children from an orphanage in Riga. We gave them a new playroom and a beautiful picture that was painted by one of the founders of our organization especially for this orphanage in order to give children joy and a smile. During the event, we organized various competitions, games, and gifts for children, as well as a music and dance concert.

Gradually, we began to cooperate not only with orphanages, but also with various medical organizations that work with children and adults with various serious illnesses and disabilities. We started organizing events for them.

During the pandemic, we held several online events with artists from around the world to raise funds to organize gifts for children with special needs.

We also helped to organize a Christmas event with gifts for people from social housing establishments in Latvia, so that they could also feel the atmosphere of celebration.


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Sometimes we create concerts, festivals, marathons, and various educational events to raise funds for people in need. Activities that are held free of charge are designed to improve the level of culture in various sectors of society. People do not always have the money to attend concerts, theaters, or exhibitions, so we arrange various events for them.We always support people with disabilities who want to participate in our events.



At the moment, we are collaborating with different social housing establishments in Latvia. Residents living at the establishments are different people, aged between 32 and 98. All of them are in difficult life situations due to their physical health and financial condition, and they are very lonely. These people are frequently afflicted with serious illnesses and disabilities.

Also, we always try to support children with special needs from Latvia or from other countries.

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